Tasty Alkaline Breakfast Foods


green vegetable smoothieOur bodies prefer a slight alkaline pH of approximately 7.4. To maintain this level your diet will play a major role. This will be especially true for people who enjoy acid producing foods. Acid producing foods lower your pH level whereas alkaline producing foods increase your pH level and are generally healthier.

One of the most important meals of the day is your breakfast. There are many delicious alkaline breakfast foods that all members of the family can enjoy. Breakfast is often one of the daily meals that is neglected when it comes to good health. Most people have very busy lifestyles which often prevents them from eating a healthy breakfast.

With a little thought and advanced preparation, even people with a busy lifestyle can have a healthy alkaline breakfast. This article will provide a few simple tips for a healthy alkaline breakfast. An alkaline breakfast is very important because during the night when you are sleeping your body is more acidic.

People who have acidic blood are more prone to illness and disease. Therefore, after you wake up have an alkaline breakfast because it will help to start off your day more pH balanced. During the nighttime you also become dehydrated and therefore your healthy alkaline breakfast meal needs to include a high water content so that your body can become rehydrated.

We all know how important it is to eat are vegetables. In fact, many nutritionists believe that we should consume 80 percent vegetables for each of our meals. Vegetables fulfill every criteria for breakfast because they provide hydration and are alkaline. Sadly, most people do not prefer to eat vegetables for their breakfast. Most breakfast meals are all carb processed foods that are full of sugar.


However, there are many healthy breakfast ideas that will promote good health and help your body to be energized throughout the day. A delicious energy breakfast food that we all can enjoy is a smoothie. Your breakfast smoothie can combine alkalizing green vegetables such as spinach or kale with yogurt or Coconut Kefir.

This excellent breakfast combination receives continual raving reviews from people of all ages. This combination helps prevent sugar cravings, eliminates joint pain, prevents bloating, and promotes beautiful skin. It also provides a healthy microflora which will boost your immune system. You can substitute cocobiotic for the coconut kefir.

Another great breakfast idea that will rehydrate and be alkaline friendly is soup. True, most people think that soup is something for dinner or for lunch. However, soup is exactly what your body needs first thing in the morning. Obviously, a vegetable soup would be the perfect choice.

You could also eat a bowl of delicious creamy porridge or any of the other grain like seeds such as buckwheat or quinoa. Eggs are another excellent choice. An egg omelette can be filled with a variety of vegetables and healthy cheeses. Eggs are also very beneficial for strengthening your thyroid. Today we see an onslaught of thyroid problems even among children and teenagers. These are just a few of the alkaline breakfast foods that will help you to live a healthy lifestyle.