Sticking to An Alkaline Diet: Non Acidic Foods to Try


Apple cider vinegar in glass bottle and ripe fresh apples, on woMany people struggle with the aftereffects of eating an overly acidic diet. Consuming too much acid can increase a person’s risk of disease, can cause them immediate physical discomfort, and can also cause a person to feel sluggish and have less energy.

That’s why it’s a smart idea for people to adopt some kind of alkaline diet. While some associate the word diet with strict rules and regulations, an alkaline diet is really more of a suggestion. Instead of counting calories and strictly planning meals, a person can simply consume more non acidic foods.

These foods are low in acid and will help people to achieve a more balanced and healthy body:


Raisins aren’t just a food that is free of acid — they’re the food that is best at promoting alkaline in the body! They also make an easy snack, which means that they’re an ideal way to eliminate acid on the go.

Green Beans

While some legumes have a high acid content, green beans are rich in alkaline. They also pair very well with more acidic meats and fish.


Because of its high starch content, potatoes are a food that dieters are often advised to stay away from. However, this vegetable can be very filling, and it’s also not acidic.


When people who are on an alkaline diet are craving a sweet treat, apricots are one of the foods they can turn to. They can satisfy sugary cravings, but can also increase the body’s alkaline levels.



Celery is one of the lowest calorie foods in existence. In fact, because of the amount of effort expended in chewing celery, many have argued that it actually produces negative calories. It’s also an excellent way to increase acid levels in the body.

Red and White Wine

Having a glass of wine with a meal can be very good for the heart, but it’s also an easy way to reduce the amount of acid in the body. Sipping on a glass of wine can reduce risk of conditions like cancer and hypertension.


People have known that apples can improve health for hundreds of years. There’s even an old saying about how eating apples means you won’t have to see a doctor. While that may not be completely true, eating apples can increase the amount of alkaline in your body.


No matter how they’re eaten, hazelnuts are a food with a low amount of acid. Many people opt to use hazelnut butter in place of peanut butter, as peanuts are high in acid.


Zucchini is an incredibly versatile food. It can even be sliced up and used in place of pasta. If someone wants to cut carbs and eat more non acidic foods, zucchini is something they’ll want to try.

Having too much acid in the body can definitely be a bad thing. That’s why more people should try to stick to an alkaline diet. The results can be extremely positive.