How To Make Alkaline Water At Home


Litmus StripsIt is a well proven fact that alkaline water is the preferred choice for drinking water. Buying this type of water at your local grocery or health store can be very expensive. However, the water can be made in the convenience of your own home. How to make the water in your own home is really quite easy and there are a variety of ways.

The simplest way to make this water is to squeeze fresh lemon juice into a glass of filtered, lukewarm water. This may seem like a contradiction because we all know that lemons are acidic. Lemon juice however has an alkalizing effect when it is consumed because it is rich in alkaline minerals and low in sugar fruit.

You can drink this delicious lemony water throughout the day but the best time is first thing in the morning shortly after you have woken up. This drink will stimulate your digestive system and metabolism. It is a terrific cleansing drink that will not only hydrate you but it will also get your body moving.

A glass of water from your tap has a pH reading of usually between 6.8 and 7.2. To get a higher pH reading between 8 and 9 you will need to include pH drops into your water. PH drops are an excellent way to increase the alkalizing effect in a glass of water plus they have the advantage of being portable so that you can take them with you.

Some people believe that you can make alkaline water by adding alkaline powders into tap water. The answer to this false belief is no you cannot. This is not a recommended or safe way to make the water. Everyone should try to drink between 3 and 4 litres of it each day. Doing so with the above powder method would be totally unsafe.


Most doctors recommend that your water should have a pH rating of 9.5. When you use a water filter for your tap water it will remove some of the impurities but it will also make your tap water more acidic. Your filtered tap water would have a pH rating of approximately 5.5 to 6.5. If you used pH drops it would raise the pH level to only 7.5 to 8.

The best water purifier on the market is a distiller. It water distiller boils water and kills any viruses or bacteria. It then vaporizes the water and removes the remaining lead, minerals, nitrates, bacteria, and other contaminants. The condensed vapor is then liquefied and has a rating of 99.9 percent pure.

Unfortunately, distilled water and pH drops is still not the best solution. Also, water distillers require a lot of time (3-4 hours) to produce 4 liters of water. For a family of four it would mean that your water distiller would need to be running all day long. They are also very energy inefficient.

The number one method for producing sufficient alkaline water at a reasonable price in regards to energy consumption and long-term costs is to use an alkaline water ionizer. An alkaline water ionizer is how to make alkaline water at home efficiently and affordable.