Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Avoid


Hand Holding Soda Can Pouring A Crazy Amount Of Sugar In MetaphoDespite many advances in modern medicine, society has made little progress in preventing cancer. About 1.5 million people every year are diagnosed with this horrible disease. Many have blamed a western diet high in processed foods and carcinogens for a number of cancer cases. Indeed, there are many common cancer causing foods that people should avoid at all costs.

Hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oils are some of the worst compounds you can put in your body. These oils are not found in nature and are created by chemically cross-linking oils found in plants.

These oils were promoted originally as more healthy than butter and lard because they were not saturated fats. Science has since discovered you are much better off opting for the butter. Hydrogenated oils have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease and immune problems. They have also been shown to be carcinogenic, which means they can mutate DNA and increase your risk of getting cancer.

French fries and potato chips are often cooked in these hydrogenated oils. In addition to the risk from the oils, the high temperature frying of these foods can create an additional cancer risk. Studies have shown cooking at high temperature increases the concentration of acrylamide. This chemical is correlated with an increased risk of cancer. So next time at the fast food joint, you should resist the temptation to say “I would like fries with that.”

Microwave popcorn is another cancer causing food commonly consumed in homes around the globe. The problem is not in the corn itself, but in the perfluoroctanoid acid (PFOA) that forms the inside lining of the bags. This compound has been demonstrated to cause increased risk of testicular, liver, pancreatic, and bladder cancer. It is thus best to stick to air poppers if you want a popcorn snack.


Diet drinks and diet sweeteners can increase your risk of cancer. This is due to the common use of a compound called saccharin. This compound was added as a substitute for unhealthy sugars, but turns out to be much worse. Experiments showed that the use of this chemical causes cancer in lab rats and thus has a high likelihood of doing so in humans as well.

Refined sugar and all the tasty sweets it can be found in can also increase your risk of cancer. The mechanism here is a little more indirect than with some of the other foods mentioned above. Sugar itself is not a carcinogen, but it spikes blood insulin levels. High insulin levels are known to promote cancer cell growth.

Crops treated with glyphosate, otherwise known as Roundup, can also increase the risk of cancer. This substance results in rapid cancer growth in rat testing. Genetically modified foods can be particularly risky since they are engineered to resist glyphosate poisoning, and thus farmers can put even more of the pesticide on the crops.

Avoiding cancer causing foods is important if you want to decrease your risk of contracting this horrible disease. Eat right today to increase your health and well being in the future.