Alkaline Water Machines For Healthier Drinking Water


Closeup On Housewife Pouring Water Into Glass From Water FilterMany people have become increasingly health conscious given the bounty of nutritional information on the internet. The water you drink has one of the most important influences on your long term health. A variety of alkaline water machines are available to provide water with the optimal pH for the body.

pH is a measurement of the percent of free hydrogen ions in a liquid. 7 is considered a neutral pH, with anything below that referred to as acidic and anything above that referred to as alkaline. In nature, water pH levels range from 6.5 to 9.0, clearly in the alkaline range. More polluted sources tend to be more acidic. Due to the preponderance of a diet filled with processed foods and sugars, blood levels have tended to be more acidic than normal. This can cause a variety of health disorders including an increased risk of cancer. Some physicians have made the controversial claim that cancer cannot even live in an alkaline environment.

It is for these reasons that these machines have received a lot of interest in the last few years. These machines will make water more alkaline in an attempt to correct pH imbalances in the blood over time. There are many different manners by which these machines increase the pH of drinking water.

Some machines operate by utilizing the process of electrolysis. In this process an electric current is passed through the water which separates part of the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The water is diverted into two channels by charge. The oxidized portion can be used as an effective cleaner. The other stream which has been made alkaline can be used for drinking water. These machines also are attached to a carbon filter to remove heavy metals and other contaminants from the water.


Reverse osmosis is another method of generating alkaline water. This system uses a semi-permeable membrane and high pressure to selectively move water without contaminants through the system. Only distillation can purify water more completely. After the water is purified, it is slightly acidic due to the removal of all the chemicals that tend to bring down the pH of the water. These models generally are less expensive than electrolysis models because they render the water only slightly alkaline.

There are also pitcher systems that can be used to generate alkaline water. Unlike the many of the more expensive models, these do not hook up to the water tap directly. One needs to pour them into a container where they are drip filtered to remove impurities. The process of making the water alkaline is therefore similar to that of reverse osmosis. The only different is that these filters will not filter away all minerals so the water will be somewhat more impure. However, these models tend to be less expensive and more portable for taking them on camping excursions.

There are a variety of different choices of alkaline water machines to match any budget. No matter which one you choose, they should give you more healthy water than that which is flowing out of your tap.